Pilates classes ONLINE via ZOOM.

The classes are for an hour and include a mixture of both level 1 and level 2 exercises.
Classes are ‘layered’ to suit individual needs, which allows you the opportunity to work at
your own level. Our bodies respond differently to exercise at any given time/day, therefore
by allowing alternative exercises when needed, you are able to exercise safely within your
own limitations or strengths.

To attend a class, you will need to complete a PARQ (follow link to download), if you
have any underlying health conditions you may need to seek permission to exercise from
your specialist. It is also advisable to read my Data Protection Policy. You will require access
to a computer or iPad (a telephone screen is too small). Please download the Zoom app
from: https://zoom.us/ You will then receive an email with an invite to attend the class,
please log in at least ten minutes early before the start of each class. We are a lovely group!
And can’t wait for you to join us!

1 – 1 Classes:

By booking a personalised class, I will be able to assess your individual needs more fully and
work towards both your strengths and weaknesses. There may be a particular area you
want to work on, for example hip mobility or core strength. You may also take part in other
exercise, for example running, golf or swimming, Pilates can compliment these well. 

  It is a very good idea to start with a 1 – 1 session, before you progress onto
the group classes as you gain confidence and will work more easily within your limits. 

Zoom classes currently on offer:

Pilates Mat Class - Monday 9.15 am 

Chair Pilates  - Tuesday 10.30 am

Costs for classes:

£8.00 per class