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Pilates benefits your mind and your body, especially when practiced more than once a week. My Patreon site gives you access to over a hundred classes, set at different levels, from short 20-minute classes to full hour-long classes (all levels). You can exercise WHEN you want and how OFTEN you want for a mere £5.00 a month!

But don’t just listen to me! Listen to what others have said 😊 (Thank you to them all!)

Sign up here:

Question – Why did you sign up to Patreon?

  • To support Penny’s Pilates without signing up for further classes I might not be able to use on a regular basis.

  • To give me the option of doing structured additional classes at my convenience. 

  • I signed up to Patreon as my body doesn’t always want to exercise when my brain thinks it should! I am also used to Penny’s teaching methods, so the classes are easy to follow.

  • I decided to join up as I wanted to do Pilates on a day suited to me.

  • I can choose from a wide range of classes and timings,but do it in when I want to.  It is terrific value for money and it is almost like having Penny there with me in the room.

  • I enjoy it as I can choose when I fit in a session during my day and how long I want it to be.

  • Because I can exercise when it suits me and fit it around work.

Question – How did you find the SIGN-UP process on Patreon? Any Tips?

  • It was quite straightforward.

  • The terminology was confusing at first (Note from me: When you navigate to the sign-up page YOU will become the Patron, signing up to MY site. Monetary amounts shown are the number of people signed up to MY site, also shown is what I earn each month (minus fees from Patreon) – NOT what you will pay)

  • Sign up is set at £5 but can be increased if you choose.

  • PayPal is very straight forward to use.

  • I found the process quite easy. "A few months ago, I was scammed but my bank picked it up before any money was taken. My bank advised me to use PayPal”

  • I found the signing up process was easy and secure - look for the padlock in the bar at the top.

Question – Why would you encourage others so sign up to Patreon?

  •  It’s a no-brainer. After signing up I found I had access to all the classes I could possibly want, amazing value! I hadn’t realised there would be so much there when I first signed up.

  • Penny’s Patreon classes are very well structured and the exercise sequences just flow, she provides a variety of movements or techniques to keep the exercises fresh and they are extremely good value for money.

  • To keep the body moving between lessons, to enable you to become stronger particularly as we are getting older (NOTE – Joseph Pilates recommends 10 minutes a day)

  • I would encourage everyone to join up as it gives you access to superb classes at a time and level that suits you and you can do Pilates in your pyjamas!

  • I love using Patreon as I can do a class whenever I like and however, I like and at the level I like - FANTASTIC!

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