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Falls Prevention/Strength and Balance Classes

When demands on postural control are greater than a person’s capability, a fall will occur. A fall may occur through loss of balance when a person’s pattern of movement is distorted by an unexpected or unperceived hazard, or when the body is displaced beyond its support base and unable to correct itself appropriately. As we age, pain from stiff joints, poor eyesight, poor proprioception, poor postural stability, and fear of falling can often lead to inactivity. This in turn leads to a reduction in the ability to maintain an independent lifestyle and the potential for increased risk of injury. ‘Every five hours in England an older person dies as a result of a fall’.

Regular exercise helps to prevent disease, disability, complications of immobility, isolation and dependence. Older adults should aim to be active daily and within a week undertake at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise. Older adults at risk of falls should incorporate physical activity to improve balance and co-ordination at least twice a week and try to reduce the time spent sitting for extended periods.

It is never too late to exercise!

The Falls and Management exercises used within my Chair Pilates and Strength and Balance Classes include: Dynamic Endurance, Dynamic balance, Resistance, Backward Chaining, Floor Work, Adapted Tai Chi and Flexibility.

To challenge our balance, we should feel unsteady, unconfident, cautious and challenged, we work together to challenge our balance in a safe environment and to help reduce the risk of falls.   

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